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Chad     USA Voiceover Artist

A seasoned, full-time Voice Over Actor and can be heard in dozens of countries for global companies like Subway, Disney+, Unilever, HELL energy drinks, and
literally thousands of corporate spots from France to China.


His voice is naturally a smooth baritone with a friendly tone and confident. 

Experienced and comfortable in a variety of roles from corporate and documentaries
to “guy next door” and children’s characters.


Natural accent is neutral USA midwest, because I grew up in

Kansas and Nebraska.

Professional Home Studio:

Super fast turnaround (generally <24hr)
Custom U67/C12 tube microphone (Advanced Audio),
Aston Origin LDC microphone, Apollo Twin X quad
audio interface, API channel strip, Avalon 737 mic pre,
Logic ProX, Final Cut Pro. Recording takes place in a
custom built vocal booth equipped with teleprompter
screen and video directed session capability.

Show Reel 2024 Chad
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Corporate Chad
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