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Kristian      USA Voiceover Artist

A  fulltime, SAG-E, represented voice actor and Improviser located in Dallas, Texas.

He has worked with studios like Disney+, Crunchyroll, Blizzard Entertainment, Iyuno-SDI, Tencent, and more!  On over 60 anime titles, a handful of mobile games, live-action dubs, AAA games, audiobooks, e-learning and more. 


He tours around the US with his improv team Take 1 doing improvised comedy shows with audiences reaching 1,000+ people. 


Professional Home Studio:

Double-walled Whisperroom with 4 inches of Owen's Corning 703 on walls and ceiling, bass traps, Neumann TLM103 mic, Universal Audio Apollo Solo interface, Pro Tools, Source Connect Standard, Discord, Zoom, Skype. 

Commercial Demo Kristian
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Character Demo Kristian
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Audiobook Kristian
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