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Lorrie  USA Voiceover Artist

Lorrie a creative American voice actor with a passion for narrating commercials, political ads, documentaries, promotional and inspirational messages, e-learning, and audiobooks. 

Language/ accents: American English / New York and Southern

Lorries range extends from rich low tones that can deliver a gentle but firm message to bright and folksy emotions for joyful and positive ones, resulting in a confident, compelling, colorful, and captivating vocal profile that listeners love.


Lorrie has a deep interest in the profession is augmented by her decades-long career in journalism. As a veteran writer and editor,  stories came to life with her classic empathy, genuine thoughtfulness, robust engagement – and wit.

Her journalism career  introduced her to some phenomenal people and taken her to remarkable places, so she accustomed to giving voice to important issues. She knows what it takes to produce a story steeped in emotion and detail down to the very last word, and, to do it on deadline.

All of her voice-over projects are sure to have gravitas with a personal touch.

Your story, my voice!

Professional Home studio


AT 4033 and  Apogee Hype, Source Connect


Adobe Audition and Audacity. 

NARR Lorrie
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SPOTS Lorrie
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