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Roberta      USA Voiceover Artist

Roberta's character roles include video games, podcasts, audio dramas and web comics. She's also voiced commercials and narrations and is an audio book narrator, including voicing multiple characters in several 

multi-cast audio books.

Native language is American English and she does New York City and American southern accents, as well as German, French and Yiddish accents.

Professional Home Studio:

Rode NT1 5th gen XLR mic with pop filter, windscreen, and PreSonus Revelator iO24 interface. Recording space is treated with large acoustic screens, sound shield and acoustic foam wedges on the ceiling. DAW is Audacity.

Narrations Demo Roberta
00:00 / 00:55
Audiobook Roberta
00:00 / 01:26
Commercials Demo Roberta
00:00 / 01:11
Characters Reel Roberta
00:00 / 02:04


"Roberta Jackson has been voicing for Giant Monster Productions podcasts since June 2023. I can attest to her skills and what she has brought to every production she has been cast in. Her work has been flawless and always delivers well before the due date. She has gone above and beyond with every production she has been cast in. 

Antonio Ferrara

Production Manager. Director. Producer. 

Giant Monster Productions


"Roberta Jackson is immensely talented, and very fun to work with. I casted her as a narrator in Mystic Tales: Season 2, and I was very pleased with her caring, soothing, and engaging narrator style. It didn’t matter the genre, Roberta made the stories come alive. As an example, Roberta narrated a campy sci-fi story about space pirates and another, more serious piece about male gladiators. I highly recommend Roberta Jackson, and would cast her again".

Michael Ignacio, Jr.

Creator and Producer Mysticborn Productions


"Roberta auditioned for the role of "Lorena" in the audio drama I direct "Road X", and though the role was assigned to someone else, I knew that I had to cast her for a different character in the show. She did an amazing job as  "Madame Gwenyth, the fortune teller," delivering a flawless performance. Recording with her was so much fun, that we ended up writing Madame Gwenyth back into the show when she was only meant to appear in a single episode!".

Gea Arce 

Road X Director


"When I first reached out to Roberta, I had never hired a professional narrator before, and didn't really know what to expect. Roberta made the entire process fun and enjoyable. In fact, so much so, that I have already used her to narrate 3 of my books. Roberta is professional, agreeable, and has a super fast and consistent response time to any questions or requests that I have. I have had her narrate everything from middle-aged Californians, to German accents to small children, and each narration has been exemplary! I can't say enough about Ms. Jackson as both a narrator and professional. I highly recommend her for

any voice work needs!".

Shelley Tan, author

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