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Chris    Australian Voiceover Artist

Award-winning Australian Voice. versatile, clear, and seriously experienced. From young, bright, and upbeat... to smooth, classy, and engaging.


Chris excels in youthful energy, comforting maturity and a variety of character reads including North American, South American, Scottish, Irish, English West Country, Cockney, Formal/ General, Scandinavian!  His voice's natural character will bring your script to life.

Professional Home Studio:

Professional Voice booth – acoustically treated.

Mics - Sennheiser 416 / Technica 4033

Focusrite interface

Protools DAE

Same day delivery

TV & Radio Chris
00:00 / 02:58
Natural Conversational Chris
00:00 / 00:20
Corporate Serious Chris
00:00 / 00:18
Retail Friendly Chris
00:00 / 00:17


"If there is one guy you can count on to get the read, get the sell with reliability and accuracy, its CC.

We love working with Chris, he is professional and always meets deadlines!".

Phil Baildon Executive Producer

Purple Wax | Creative | Sound Design | HD Audio | Video


‘Chris is a true professional when it comes to voiceover work. With fast turn around and great communication, I highly recommend Chris for any project.’

Dean Mackie – Voicegarden.

"I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. He is always our first thought when it comes to anything voice over or audio production, not only because he’s an awesome human, but also because of the impeccable quality of his work, his flexibility and availability for our clients, and his ability to always accommodate any request or timeline. Honestly, book him for your next job now - you won’t regret it. 11 out of 10".

 Sam McClurg - FilEditRepeat


"Chris' sound and range is not the only reason I keep using him for my voice talent jobs. His professionalism, easy to deal with attitude and quality recordings make him one of my top choices, you won't go wrong with Crickers!!".

 Dave Starr, Owner, Creative Starr Video Production


"We’ve worked with Chris for many years. His wonderful talent and versatility helps breathe life into our animations, and connects with audiences for exceptional results. Reliable, professional and a delight to listen to, we’ll proudly continue working with Chris for many more years! Highly recommend!".

Caitlin De Graaf, Explainimate, 584 Stanley St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

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