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Inga   German Voiceover Artist

Working languages: German (mother tongue), British English (slight accent),
Spanish (German accent)

Voice characteristics: Alto, personable, welcoming, convincing, dynamic, adaptable, authentic, clear, warm

(Voice) age range: 25 - 49

Since 2005 Inga has been performing commercials for television and radio as well as corporate narration, e-learning, medical and pharmaceutical narration, games and many more. She has worked with various clients from around the globe, such as Google, PayPal, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, EA Games, Daimler, Microsoft, Fisher-Price, Croteam and many other.

Professional Home Studio:

Only excellent studio equipment can guarantee best results!

AB_Inga_Hausverwaltung Inga
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Dasbinich Inga
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