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Margit   German Voiceover Artist

My voiceacting career started in 2010 and since then I have recorded several thousand projects, covering the entire range of voiceover - in German and English (both British and Translatlantic). I have an English literature university degree and I lived in an English-speaking household for 13 years. My accent is very clear and a popular choice for international companies.

I am also a director for German and English voiceacting,

currently for games and apps.

Professional Home Studio:

Professionally built recording booth, Austrian Audio OC18 mic, RME babyface pro interface, monitor in the booth for live recordings.

IKK-Imagespot-WirSindFamilie Margit
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Online Spot Margit
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Unbelievably Margit
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Margit & Julia Musical Trailer Margit
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