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Janpa   Italian Voiceover Artist

Janpa a distinguished Italian native and mother tongue professional voice talent with over 30 years of experience. His voice is not only impeccable but also free from any discernible accent. What sets him apart is his exceptional ability to effortlessly modulate his voice, giving life to a diverse range of characters and personas.

Janpa's vocal versatility is truly remarkable; he can seamlessly transition from a rich, deep, and immersive voice to a lighter, more approachable tone radiating friendliness and charm. His extensive vocal range covers that of an 18-year-old young man to a seasoned 50-year-old gentleman.

When seeking an English-speaking male voice artist with the added dimension of an authentic Italian accent, Janpa Serino is the ideal choice. His expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, making him well-equipped to voice various characters. Whether it's a youthful portrayal or the seasoned voice of experience, Janpa delivers with authenticity and finesse.

Furthermore, Janpa Serino brings depth and authenticity to your project, dispelling typical Italian stereotypes associated with pizza, the mafia, and more. By choosing Janpa Serino, you're not just getting a voice; you're getting a seasoned professional who elevates your project with a unique blend of skill and genuine Italian flair.

Commercial Reel Janpa
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Corporate Janpa
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Documentario Janpa
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English Demo Janpa
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