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Jan  Norwegian Voiceover Artist

Jan is one of the most established voiceover artist in Norway.

His voice is dark, clear and powerful.

Jan is perfect for promos and commercials.



He has also made several documentaries, e-learning projects and radio IDs/ liners. Among Jan´s many clients you will find Goodyear, McDonalds, Volvo, Sony Music, BMG, Virgin, Universal Pictures, Lego, Wrigleys, Coca Cola Company, UPC, Scanbox, Disney, Singapore Airlines, Danonino, Columbia Tristar, Nokia, Lego, TV3, NRJ, Radio 1, P8 Pop and The Norwegian Armed Forces - among others.

Professional Home Studio:


Brauner Phantom Classic microphone with a pop filter, a Centrance MicroPort Pro audio interface, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones, and GarageBand on a MacBook Pro. Acoustic conditions are managed with an sE Electronics Reflexion Filter and wall panels from Auralex.

Dalchow Demo Jan
00:00 / 03:51


"I use Jan for advertising productions at Radio 102 when the productions require that extra touch. Clients who have had Jan's voice in their production are always thrilled. Jan consistently delivers and, as a producer, is a reliable collaborator. We receive multiple takes each time and can edit the productions according to our preferences, unlike most other voice providers who only deliver a single take. The sound quality is excellent, and the voice is a pleasure to listen to. Jan is the voice of Norwegian radio and gives the station an even more professional outward appearance. Highly recommended!"

Eivind Jul Wibe Fiksdal

Advertising Producer, Radio 102


"Jan has a very pleasant and clear voice that we at TV3 have greatly appreciated in the post-production of Survivor for the fourth consecutive year. Besides Jan's pleasant voice, his personality also possesses this quality, in addition to being conscientious, efficient, and structured in his work. We hope to enjoy Jan's contributions for many years to come here at TV3."

Hans Peter Hognestad

Program Director, TV3


"We in the morning show at NRJ are happy to have Jan as our regular station voice. He delivers every time! With energy on the challenging productions and warmth and empathy on the calm ones. We are also delighted when he joins our comedy segments. Here, he displays his sense of humor, timing, and self-irony. Jan also has the unique ability to make any sentence or word exciting. Jan has the perfect voice for 'radio-voicing'!"

Andreas Velle, Morning Show at NRJ


"The distinctive voice of Jan Dalchow was exactly what we needed for our radio commercial. His voice, intonation, and emphasis in the right places of the message (unfortunately, this is often overdone) along with good sound quality in the audio material, added more than an extra edge to our commercial."

Steinar Melby, NettStudio AS

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